Hormann Garage Door Remote Controls

Hormann Remote Controls for Garage Door Openers in Essex
And as the market leader in Europe, Hormann has been groundbreaking in the field of wireless radio remote controls for garage doors. The company places not only importance to the function of the remote control garage door operator, but also to having an original design. See our examples below of the sleek design of Hormann remote controls — available in many
The remote control for your Hormann garage door openers can also e found in the form of a cigarette lighter for your car. The HSZ 1 BS and HSZ 2 BS remote controls are suitable for these tasks. Hormann also offers many remote controls with sturdy a attachable key ring, such as the HSP 4 C or all of the HSE 2 models. If you’re looking for more of an exclusive, elegant design, be sure to check out the HSD 2 in aluminum or chrome color.
Hormann Garage Door Remote Controls for Multiple Garage Doors
Hormann offers remote controls with up to 4 buttons, or 4 Channels for your Garage Doors.
For example, with a 2-button remote control, one button could be used to open a sliding or swing gate opener to your drive way, the other button could be used to open the garage door opener to your garage. Keep in mind, however, that the the openers must not only be from Hormann, but the Hormann frequencies must match.
Radio Frequencies for Hormann Garage Door Openers in Essex.

Garage Door Openers

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