Hormann SupraMatic E Series 3 BiSecur Garage Door Opener Remote Control

SupraMatic, which means supra-fast coupled with many additional features.
This combination of speed and comfort will fascinate you. Your garage door opens faster and you’ll be on your way in no time! You will also not want to miss out on comfortable features such as the additional opening height to ventilate the garage. As well as the included 5-Button Remote Control that not only allows you to control up to 4 garage door openers, but also has a query button which allows you to control the garage light as well as query the status of your garage door.
The operator cover in brushed aluminum gives the SupraMatic also a very elegant appearance.


Thanks to soft-start and soft-stop the operator opens your door smoothly and quietly.The start and stop phases can be individually set for your garage door, which increases the longevity of your garage door.
Hormann door operators are safer thanks to the increased door security. If the door is closed, the door is automatically locked into the stop position of the guide rail – The door locks immediately and is secured. Since this is a purely mechanical interlock, the protection is fully functional even during power failures.

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